14 January 2012

Sync Your iTunes Playlists To Your Android Phone

We all know how iTunes is the greatest pain the ass software that was ever created. In typical Apple fashion it only works with Apple products.

The biggest problem is how to get your iTunes playlists on to non-Apple devices

Many companies have tried to create software to sync iTunes playlists to their devices and failed as Apple created the usual cat and mouse game, where every time a bit of software was created to sync iTunes playlists to non-Apple devices, Apple would issue an iTunes update to block syncing to non-Apple devices. The most recent one was the Palm Pre.

I found a bit of software called MediaMonkey that seems to have stayed ahead of the Apple cat and mouse game. This software is able to sync to all portable music devices including Apple iPod and iPhone.This lasted until Apple introduced IOS 5.The developers are working to solve this and an update will be out soon.

Mediamonkey has kept my music synced to all my Android and IOS devices for a long time now, I now import my playlists from MediaMonkey to iTunes, and use iTunes to sync my iPod.

I am in the process of converting my play lists in iTunes to MediaMonkey format, once I have this done and the IOS 5 fix is done, I will be able to go back using MediaMonkey to sync my iPod and my Samsung Galaxy SII and finally ditch iTunes.

Once again I am stuck again looking for a way to sync my iTunes play lists to my Samsung Galaxy SII.

For those of you who don't use Mediamonkey, the procedure below will be of benefit to you

Introducing iSyncr. This works for Android devices only.

This software is available for €2.49 and is well worth it for what it does


How it works

After you download the app and install it on your phone

1. Open the application

2. Depending on your phone you may get 2 locations to install, choose where you want store your music, on my phone there is only the internal storage available

3. Click next and click ok

4. Click Ok

5. iSyncr is now installed on your Android phone. It must left running, when you want to sync

6. Connect your phone to your PC with its USB cable and browse to the drive letter for your phone in My Computer

 7. Double click on this drive and scroll up or down and you should see an iSyncr icon

8. Double clicking the iSyncr icon will automatically start iTunes and will shortly afterwards displays all the play lists that it finds in iTunes

9. Put a tick in the box beside the playlist you want and click sync.

10. Your iTunes playlist will now appear in your music player on your phone

11. Happy Listening

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  1. hey nice! well explained thanks for sharing the tutorial for itunes synchronization process.