07 September 2012

My ASUS GeForce GTX 680 Direct CU II TOP 2 GB Graphics Card Unboxing And Benchmark Results

After my previous graphics card an Nvidia 9800 GX2 finally died after 4 hard years of work, I was left with a dilemma as to which graphics card to replace it with

As some of you know there are 2 main Graphics Card chip manufacturers Nvidia and AMD (formerly ATI). After reading tons of reviews and watching loads of video reviews, and since all my previous cards were Nvidia, I decided I would stick with Nvidia.

This card is almost at the top of the range price and spec wise, the reason I am going with such a high spec card at this time, is because I am future proofing as much as possible, and hope to get a few years out of it before having to replace it for something newer.

I will post benchmark results, unfortunately as the old card has died, I will not be able to show a comparison between the old and the new. I might have some screenshots of old benchmarks with the old card, If I can find them I will post them.

Update_1: The graphics card that died came back alive, long enough to run the 3D Mark benchmarks. It has now died permanently so I will have no game benchmarks.

Update_2: This is on hold, due to lack of stock from suppliers, may be changing to a different model of graphics card

Update_3: Still no lead time on availability so I have changed the model of card with same manufacturer - see title of article






3DMark 06

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