14 November 2012

Windows 7 Install Error using USB Key

I came accross the above error while using a 16 GB USB 3.0 key to install Window 7. The last time I installed Windows 7, the USB Key was created on Windows 7 and a 4GB USB 2.0 key.

This error can also be caused by a corrupt ISO image.

Since then I upgraded my motherboard last year which has an UEFI Bios, which handles booting from USB keys differently.

The reason the error only showed up now, is that instead of doing a clean install last year when I changed my motherboard, I just updated the drivers.

Also another reason the error showed up is because i have since installed Windows 8 . I thought this was the cause of the error, causing the image to be corrupt on the USB, it turned out the image was not corrupt.

I also thought it might have been the hdd I was using to install windows 7 was at fault, because it was the drive I am waiting to send away for warranty with Western Digital, trying other hdd did not make a difference with the error turning up again and again.

The Issue was that I was using a 16GB USB 3.0 Key in USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports.

I went searching on Google and found a load of forums with people having the same issue. Alot of these forums were suggesting to delete partitions and recreate partions and making them active using the command line utiliy diskpart  in windows

This did not work for me. I then found this site http://adhocshare.blogspot.in/2012/09/windows-7-usb-install-error-setup-was.html which had a method that was so simple it was hard at first to believe it would work, but it did.

The second method that worked for me was using the "boot from UEFI USB Device" in the boot menu on my motherboard.

The third method that worked was to change the layout of the installation files on the USB 3.0 Key and copy some files from an existing Windows 7 PC to the USB 3.0 Key


Now that was sorted I was able to create a USB 3.0 installation of Windows 7 with USB 3.0 drivers included.


The Windows 7 Installion ISO does not have USB 3.0 drivers included.

This has reduced the installation time to approx 2 minutes or less  for the "Expanding Windows Files" section of the installation


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  2. @usb key - I'm glad it worked for you